Leave Application

Kitchee Academy is a free of cost football training academy for all potential elite football players in Hong Kong between 6 and 18. To make good use of resources, a HKD$2,000 monthly enrollment process deposit is required for participants (ages 6-10, unless otherwise promoted to Developmental Phase) meeting the minimum attendance requirement of 75% each month. A monthly deposit will be returned/rolled over from month to month based on satisfactory attendance as described above. Any time planned by the participants to be away from attending the training or if an absence is due to a medical condition must be required to submit a leave application with supporting documents. Unjustified absences or failure to submit a leave application will affect the attendance record. Please follow the procedures for leave application process.


  1. Please download and fill the leave application form and send to academy@kitchee.com。
  2. Please submit the leave application form together with medical certificate within 2 days for sick leave
  3. Please submit the leave application form together with other supporting documents (e.g. tickets, examination timetable) one week in advance

Leave Application(download)