Kitchee Academy

Kitchee Academy is a football training academy for potential elite football players aged from 6 to 18 in Hong Kong. The aims and objectives of the Academy are to develop students with exceptional abilities for professional leagues and the future Hong Kong Representative Teams.

The Academy aims to help potential elite football players with on-field football technique training and off-pitch support. The Academy provides a platform for many to develop their interests in football while maintaining their academic studies. To accelerate their improvement, the Academy does not aim to win every trophy in youth competitions. Instead, the Academy focuses on the acceleration of progress of individual students so that they will be better equipped if and when they become professional players later.

AFC Two-Star Elite Youth Academy
AFC Two-Star Elite Youth Academy

The Kitchee Academy (the Academy) is a first and only recognized Two-Star Elite Youth Academy in Hong Kong by Asian Football Confederation (AFC) seeking to play an integral role in providing elite football training for the city’s most talented youngsters from 6 to 18. We strive to develop and produce homegrown students with exceptional abilities to play football at the highest levels, including professionally in Hong Kong, and the future for Hong Kong Representative Team.

To attract the best players and accelerate individual development for each Academy student, the Academy has established and strengthen its facilities and infrastructures, allowing talented prospects to thrive physically, socially, and academically prior to stepping into professional football. The CUHK Medical Clinic@Kitchee and the Kitchee Bistro are two of the significant substantial resources that were established to provide professional sports science and sport nutrition such academic support for coaching staff to make and design effective training programs for Academy students of different age groups with “Sports Medicine” concept.

The Academy is also committed to provide all aspects that are based on various AFC identified performance categories such as staffing, plans, philosophies, and others with the ambition of developing future First Team players and beyond.


Since its establishment in 2008, the Academy has been committed to training and nurturing future national team players for Hong Kong and to expanding our collaboration with top clubs and experts in Europe to export players to play overseas. The Academy actively learns and aspires from experts in the football development field. To ensure consistency and quality in our education, players are being trained with a standardized set of teaching materials developed with respect to the Club philosophies and current first team tactics. By receiving training in a systematic and consistent way as they progress, players can transition between youth teams and eventually into the First Team with minimal effort.

The Academy understands that interpersonal coaching is essential in ensuring that the benefits of all students are well looked after. In order to do so, students from the same age group are being divided into smaller teams, allowing them to spend more personal time with their coaches and receive 1-on-1 personal coaching. This allows the coaches a greater flexibility in adapting the teaching materials to the needs of the students under their supervision.

Many graduates from the Academy have successfully begun their professional football career. Players such as Law Tsz Chun, Cheng Chin Lung, Sohgo Ichikawa, Ho Chun Ting, Ngan Cheuk Pan, etc., have established themselves in the First Team or other Premier League teams, where they shine in domestic and continental stages and represent Hong Kong in international competitions. In the 2022/23Season, over 350 youth players of various age groups are receiving their training at the Academy, working tirelessly in following the footsteps of the graduates and pursuing their own football dream.

After being recognized as a One-Star Academy in March 2021, Kitchee Academy has been certified as the first and only Two-Star Elite Youth Academy in Hong Kong by Asian Confederation of Football (AFC). Built upon a solid foundation, the Academy is now ready to utilize the new facilities completed during the expansion to take the next step in providing greater support for an all-rounded development.


In our vision, the Academy provides training and support on the following areas.

  1. Physicality
    The physical development of students will be monitored through regular practice sessions and matches. Dietary recommendations and lessons are offered to students to ensure that their nutritional intake is sufficient for their development. The regular physical training and periodical dietary education will help students to take care of their bodies and be physically prepared for professional career, where they will heavily rely on it in order to excel.
  2. Technicality
    Students will be encouraged to feel comfortable when in control of the ball and will have the technical capacities to manoeuvre with the ball as situations may require. They will be trained to be versatile on the pitch and be capable of playing in more than one position or role.
  3. Tactic
    Students will develop a keen sense of awareness on the match direction and understand the role they play in the match. They will cultivate their football intelligence by watching match videos and during training sessions. They will develop a good grasp of the flow of the game as well as the ability to make quick and correct decisions. It is expected that they will be able to read the game and be spontaneous in taking charge and performing.
  4. Psychology
    Students will learn from coaches and First Team players on building a strong mentality for professional football and be emotionally and mentally prepared for challenges that will come as part of football. They will learn to be confident in their abilities, be perseverant in demanding situation, and develop the ability to withstand pressure. They will cultivate the mental capacities to overcome difficulties and desire for success.
The Kitchee Pathway
The Kitchee Pathway

The Kitchee Pathway

Throughout the whole talent development process, the Academy trains the students in 3 phases at the Jockey Club Kitchee Centre. 

PhaseAge GroupTraining Time
Fundamental PhaseU7 – U1075 minutes; 2 trainings + 1 Match
Developmental PhaseU11 – U1690 minutes; 4 trainings + 1 Match
Performance PhaseU16 – U1890 minutes; 4 trainings + 1 Match

Furthermore, the Academy has implemented the Kitchee Elite Students Programme (KESP) for talented youngsters where coaches will prepare a tailor-made plan to prepare their physicality and technicality for professional football. Registered dietitians will design a suitable diet for students to help them enhance performance via developing food discipline.