Kitchee Charities - Donation Platform

Kitchee Charities Limited (Kitchee Charities) is a charitable institution and trust of a public character, which is exempt from tax under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance. Kitchee Charities enjoys the facilities offered by Jockey Club Kitchee Centre, including the CUHK Medical Clinic@Kitchee, the training pitches, etc., to promote physical health and total awareness to different groups of young football lovers through various community activities, guiding local youngsters of all ages to adopt a positive and healthy lifestyle. Also, our regular football training programs are designed for youngsters who come from low-income families to experience and explore the next level of developing and enjoyment in football, offering them a special and unusual life learning lessons.

Moreover, Kitchee Charities is committed to supporting impactful, local non-profit organizations that work to build stronger, more equitable communities. We have created different football related family activities to empower youth, health education, physical activity, and close communication to help young people develop confidence as they navigate their social world. Apart from organizing engaging activities, we also participate in different regular community activities such as community workshops, home visit to underprivileged groups, food box giveaway such community initiatives to make our community a better place for everyone.