Kitchee Confirm Diego Forlán

Further to the recent widely reported story of Diego Forlán coming to Hong Kong to continue his football career, Kitchee confirmed today that Forlán has signed the agreement and is now expected to arrive in Hong Kong in the afternoon of 10 January. Previous comment by Kitchee officials about bringing in another former international midfield player has been put on hold, following unexpected delay of Helio’s recovery from injury. Whether Kitchee will bring in another foreign player to strengthen the squad for AFC Champions League or in which position will depend on Helio’s recovery in the next week. Kitchee confirmed that a number of Kitchee players currently on loan are being considered for the AFC Champions League squad and their return will also result in some current players being loaned to other teams. Jordi Tarres, Dani Cancela and Nando Recio have been confirmed to be eligible to play in the AFC Champions League as local players, with Jordi as part of Kitchee’s ACL plan. Kitchee’s details plan for AFC Champions League will be announced in a press conference on about 11 January.