Kitchee Looks to Wrap up Premier League Fixtures w

Riding on recent good form, Kitchee will take on arch-rival Eastern on Saturday afternoon at home to wrap up this season’s BOCG Life Hong Kong Premier League fixtures. The always-hotly-contested matchup between Kitchee and Eastern will take place in Mongkok Stadium and kick-off time will be 2:30pm. Kitchee supporters are called to show up on match day and lend their passionate support to the Blues. Many people might be questioning the game’s intensity this weekend, especially with Eastern having already locked up the premier league title, while Kitchee has sewn up the runner-up spot. However, the Kitchee-Eastern matchup rarely disappoints and another highly-charged affair can be expected on Saturday no matter what the circumstances might be. In addition, Kitchee is still sharpening up the squad for future AFC Cup games and the domestic playoffs, adding more significance to this weekend’s premier league tilt. Kitchee players are therefore expected to enter the game with real determination, hoping to build up momentum for the remaining games of the current season. While the neutrals might claim this weekend’s battle against Eastern as merely a glorified heavy-weight clash, Kitchee attacker Fernando Pedreira insists that is far from the truth. “Although the premier league title has already been decided, any time Kitchee and Eastern square off is bound to draw a wide range of attention. Therefore no one can say to both teams that there is nothing to play for this weekend,” stated the Brazilian. “In fact, Kitchee still needs to prepare for the upcoming AFC Cup group match and the domestic playoffs, therefore this will be a great opportunity for us to sharpen up our form.” Centre-back Fernando Recio shares teammate Fernando Pedreira’s views and points out what the Blues will need to be aware of when facing Eastern on Saturday. “Eastern, from defense to midfield to attack, is simply full of quality. There is no possible way to focus on just one or two individuals in their side,” the towering defender insisted. “If we wish to defeat the opponent, the best way for us is to draw our attention towards our performance on match day, and not focus too much on the opponent.”