The moment we will remember forever.Kim Dong Jin

現年37歲的前韓國國家隊球員金東進在今場「賽馬會傑志中心盃 傑志 對 曼城」比賽後,將宣佈退役,並會擔任傑志的助教。




香港 7.2019

“I retired from my career with a great team. I cannot find out more good word than thank you now. I want to say really appreciate our kitchee fans and the people who working in kitchee.

I'd like to thank Mr Ken K. Ng, Mr Wilson Ng, Mr Alex Chu and all staff working in Kitchee and the Kitchee Club for giving me a chance to start a new chapter of my life.

I am happy to join Kitchee as a coach. Going forward I will do my best to coaching for players with my experience and knowledge in their development. I'll follow the new head coach and help the team to get better.I hope get better by learning from a new head coach.”

Hong Kong July.2019