Established in 2017, Kitchee Charities leads the Club’s effort in fulfilling social responsibilities and serving the community. Kitchee Charities aims to build and strengthen community bonds by supporting the disadvantaged and marginalised groups in their material and mental needs. Through community service projects, lectures, activities, and emergency relief, Kitchee Charities delivers timely reinforcement to the needy in the community in order to foster social harmony.

Kitchee Charities

Kitchee Charities’ unique position allows it to effectively unite the efforts from parties with various backgrounds and serve the community. As First Team players and coaches participate in the service projects, their fame and popularity among fans help influence Kitchee fans, local football enthusiasts, and the general public in raising social awareness. Kitchee Charities enjoys the facilities offered by Jockey Club Kitchee Centre, including the CUHK Medical Clinic@Kitchee, The Kitchee Bistro, the seminar rooms and the football pitches for various activities. Partners of Kitchee can participate in the yearly projects through their ties with the Club to address the immediate concerns of the disadvantaged groups.


The Kitchee Volunteer Team, composed of students and parents of the Kitchee Academy, members of the Club’s official fans club Blue Wave, and friends who are interested in serving the community, serves the community and reaches to individual households through volunteer service projects organised by Kitchee Charities.


Some of the regular activities include community workshops, and home visits to underprivileged groups such as single-parent families and solitary elders. Household goods and supplies will be delivered during such visits. Kitchee Charities also engages in hosting long-term service activities and projects, including the Meal Box Distribution Project in 2021 which Kitchee Charities worked with 4 different restaurants to distribute more than 4000 meal boxes along with oil, drinking water, masks, and other supplies.


The Meal Box Distribution will continue in 2022 with the help of The Kitchee Bistro, where the Bistro will design meals that suit the needs of the target groups, and the volunteer team will work with local social welfare organisations to distribute the meal boxes. Kitchee Charities will also invite families in the community to the Jockey Club Kitchee Centre to participate in the “Happy Football” activities, designed for children to enjoy football and outdoor actions, and for parents to relax and destress. 


In 2023, Kitchee Charities will dedicate its efforts in the community. With the backing of the facilities, professional support, and vast experience from previous projects, Kitchee Charities will continue to deliver activities and projects to address the different problems in the community, alleviating the struggles of the underprivileged, bringing hope to their lives.