Kitchee Elite Students Programme (KESP) 

Kitchee are committed and determined to develop and produce future talents to raise the level of Hong Kong football. Having received a year of continual professional football training, dozens of Academy players ages 12-15 have significantly had their individual skills improved. Given that improvement, the enrollment age range of this year’s KESP has extended to 5th grade, allowing potential youngsters to experience professional football training at a young age.

Qualified individuals will be participating in 2-3 sessions of professional football training each week. The training sessions are geared towards maximizing the player’s fundamental (dribbling, passing, receiving) skills and all components of the game. The goal of the program is to challenge, improve, and advance the level of every elite player while allowing them to continue their practices and competitions with their represented clubs or district sports teams simultaneously.

The Kitchee Elite Students Programme is free for all selected players and is taught by experienced and professional coaches of Kitchee. Besides football training sessions, the program offers tailor-made fitness training sessions for each age, along with nutritional plans that are recommended by Club’s registered dietitian to provide a pathway for elite players to reach to the professional level.

The program will see its regular training set at the turf pitches at Jockey Club Kitchee Centre in Shek Mun, where the new launched CUHK Medical Clinic@Kitchee will provide support of sports science, sports medicine and sports nutrition to all Academy players who aim to play football at the highest levels.

This elite program is the first and a complete football training system that strives to develop top football talent in Hong Kong. The program uses “10,000 hours of professional practice in 10 years” such long-term and sustainable approach to strength and conditioning for youth football players and nurture them to play professionally and across the world, and ultimately, representing the Hong Kong Representative Team to qualify for the 2034 and 2038 FIFA World Cup.

For further inquiries, please contact us at or 2838-9326.

Kitchee Elite Students Programme
Kitchee Elite Students Programme