Hong Kong Council Fuk Yau Kindergarten


Kitchee Charities Limited invited kindergarten students from C.C.C. Hong Kong Council Fuk Yau Kindergarten to pay a visit to the Jockey Club Kitchee Centre this day to spread the joy of football. Apart from having the first-row-seat experience to watch the first team train, the kids were also able to get their hands dirty by trying out different training sessions with players including Poon Pui Hin, Ngan Cheuk Pan, Cheng Chin Lung, and Tsang Yi Hang Ellison. The players spoke on the importance of training afterwards, sharing with the children some of their football moments when they were young. In addition, physical therapist from Kitchee gave the children a tour of the CUHK Medical Clinic@Kitchee to let them discover the importance of physical activity.