Thrive Hong Kong Learning Centre

Players of Kitchee, including Clément Benhaddouch and Tsang Yi Hang Ellison, visited Thrive Hong Kong Learning Centre during Easter to meet with different under-resourced students to spread holiday cheer and share their life experience on and off the field to encourage students to get active and behave in a more positive and optimistic way in life. The meeting ended up in a good vibe as the students participated in different physical activities with the players.

To make the most out of this special meeting, students were able to engage in different football training sessions at Jockey Club Kitchee Centre. A tour of the CUHK Medical Clinic@Kitchee and the Kitchee Bistro slightly afterwards offered the students a glimpse of the process of running a professional football club. It was such a fun and meaningful day to everyone who took part in this lovely journey.