Kitchee Staff Has Preliminarily Tested Positive fo





【Club Statement: Kitchee Staff Has Preliminarily Tested Positive for COVID-19】

Kitchee has confirmed earlier that, a staff’s spouse was diagnosed as "preliminary positive" for COVID-19. She has been identified as a confirmed case on 29 March. The unnamed staff has taken the COVID-19 test on 30 March and was diagnosed as "preliminarily positive". According to the Department of Health, he is required to self-quarantine at home before admitting to the hospital. The First team and staff from the Jockey Club Kitchee Centre will continue to quarantine at home and get tested today, test results will be expected by Wednesday afternoon.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Club has previously suspended all Academy programmes and public bookings at the Jockey Club Kitchee Centre since early February. In recent weeks, the Centre has undergone a stringent and thorough cleaning and disinfecting exercise. In response to the government closure of the recreational facilities, the Jockey Club Kitchee Centre was closed for all football team training since 24 March. In view of the current situation, the Centre will be locked down completely to undergo deep cleaning procedures until further notice.

The Club continues to monitor the situation closely and to take suitable measures to protect the health of its employees.