Kim Shin-wook: “I want to become a Kitchee man”

The South Korean striker agreed personal terms with Kitchee and signed a long-term contract, where he would wear the Kitchee jersey until 2026.

After conducting medical at the Jockey Club Kitchee Centre, he was welcomed by the coaching team and his new teammates, before sitting down for a chat about himself, his new Kitchee family, and his goals.

Q: Wookie, welcome to Kitchee. How was your first day at the Club? Wookie: The facility and environment at Kitchee was great and my teammates were very nice to me.

Q: How do you like Hong Kong so far? Wookie: I like the people, my teammates, and especially my two friends here–Kim Dongjin and Yoon Dong Hun. 

Q: Why is Kitchee the right place for you? Wookie: Because I could see the ambition at Kitchee. [Before I signed] I met with Mr. Ken Ng, and he showed me the big picture [of the Club’s vision], and inside me I was touched in my heart. And so that was why I chose Kitchee.

Q: You just met a familiar face again during training, Dejan Damjanović… Wookie: Yes, and one of my goals is to be closer with Dejan! Because we were always in opposing teams, my goal now is to be close with Dejan, play with him, and be champions together.

Q: You have won many trophies in the past, including the ACL in 2012 and 2016. How can you help this team to be better?  Wookie: I have many experiences and I have knowledge in football, but first of all I will just try my best day by day in my training and in the match. Secondly, with the young players here I can give them advice–if they ask!–and teach them. 

Q: With a long term contract just signed, what do you wish to accomplish during your time at Kitchee? Wookie: First, I want to win trophies every year. I want to learn more and belong to Kitchee–I want to become a Kitchee man! My goal is not to win individual glory or awards, but to put effort into helping the team win titles. I just want to run and give my best for the team. 

Q: What personal goals do you have for the remainder of the season, and for the seasons to come? Wookie: I have to build up my body and improve my condition, and then definitely I have to score. I want to bring extra determination and motivation to the team. 

Q: Kitchee fans have shared their enthusiasm to see you play for Kitchee on social media—what would you like to say to them? Wookie: First of all, I am happy to join Kitchee and I look forward to meeting all of you. My goal is simple–put effort for the team and run for the team. I hope I will see you on the pitch.