Kitchee Prepares for Battle against Hong Kong Pega

With its premier league-title fate out of its hands, Kitchee will take on Hong Kong Pegasus on Saturday afternoon in Mongkok Stadium for the latest round of the BOCG Life Hong Kong Premier League. The match will go underway at 2:30pm and fans are encouraged to show up and lend their support to the Blues. Kitchee currently finds itself in the second position in the premier league table with thirty-one points, trailing league leader Eastern by four points. The latter will face South China on Friday evening and a win from Eastern will see the side clinching the premier league title, dashing Kitchee’s hopes on retaining the trophy. However, at the time of writing, Kitchee still needs to fight for the premier league title, AFC Cup and the domestic playoffs. Therefore determination within the Blues squad should not be questioned and the side should be roaring to go in order to sustain a final push heading towards the end of the season. Midfielder Kam Ka-wai points out that Kitchee still has a lot to play for approaching late season. Hence all the players inside the dressing room will not be taking their foot off the paddle. “South China is definitely a side that can make Eastern drop points on Friday night, therefore I still have hopes regarding the premier league title,” Lam admitted. “No matter what the result might be between South China and Eastern, our team still needs to compete in the AFC Cup and the domestic playoffs, therefore we are not going to take things easy heading towards the end of the season. At this point, every game for Kitchee is extremely important.” Captain Lo Kwan-yee insists no matter whether Kitchee can successfully retain the premier league trophy or not, the Blues will still be going all out for victories. “With the current situation (Eastern can lock up the premier league title with one game to spare), I can only take our premier league title chance as it comes. At the end, we simply did not perform very well over the course of the season,” Lo assessed. “But we are still involved in a few tournaments and as players, we will be totally focused and make sure we all do our jobs on the pitch.”